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I Tigli


It was in 2008 that Simone Padoan started to think of a new location for its Pizzeria I Tigli. Larger, more beautiful, with a very specific concept.

The solution comes in early 2012, when the ownership of the pizzeria in San Bonifacio, near Verona, accepts the idea to completely redesign the spaces that since 1994, have been housing what many have called the "pizzeria of the new generation".

Three summer months to make a clean sweep of the "old" pizzeria.

In redesigning I Tigli, every single element has been taken into serious consideration: the porphyry as flooring, that evokes the origins of a dish that once was considered "street food"; the yellow stone of Vicenza for the big counter, to remember the crust of bread; the wooden furniture, with a clear reference to the stumps used for the wood oven; the texture of the tables that evokes the dishcloths used to cover the dough during the leavening. The cuisine is inspired by the Japanese model, readapted to the ambiance: although not central, it is clearly visible to the guests.

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